Join us in this unique workshop, where student get to train with Mr.Quartin and the moms get to meet with Mrs.Master Von Schmeling.

Mr.Quartin is a 4th Degree Black Belt and XMA World Champion. In this special class, he will teach and train students in their XMA skills, help with tournament preparation, encourage their creativity and performance.

Mrs.Master Von Schmeling is a 7th Degree Black Belt, multiple times world champion, mother, wife and advocate for women's wellness. In this special session she will share her unique approach to femininity, womanhood and personal fulfillment. This session is exclusive for mothers and any woman over 15 years old. 

Victory Students, wear your Victory uniform and bring any training tools you need. 

Ladies, wear something comfortable that allows you to move around easily.

You are allowed to bring a friend! Share this link with them.